Monday, February 29, 2016

Pack Meeting--American Legion Style!

This is all of the military flags!
Last month for pack meeting, we invited the American Legion to teach the cub scouts how to fold the flag and how to perform a proper flag ceremony. The reason we asked them is because Randy's Dad is in the American Legion. So he was able to come with his buddies and perform the flag ceremony.

They also played all the branches of the military's songs and marched their flags in. As they folded the flags, they talked about what each fold meant and I learned a lot. I didn't even know that each fold represented something until they started narrating.

The American Legion members were amazing and it was so fun for our boys to see Grandpa in his uniform carrying the Army flag. At the end, the boys were allowed to ask a lot of questions and I was surprised at their sincere questions. We were so glad Grandpa Ockey could be at pack meeting with
Mark and Grandpa in uniform!
Grandpa Ockey got to march in first with the Army flag!
He is a great flag holder!
Mark also earned his Religious Square Knot at this pack meeting which means he finished the required Faith in God requirements to earn a special patch for his uniform. So we got to come up and be honored to since a lot of this work was done at home. Next month, he will be earning his Bear so we will get to be up front with Mark again!
Mark with Brother Fenton as he honors Mark for his hard work!
I'm so glad that I got to work with Mark for most of his Bear time before I got released!
I loved being in Scouts with him.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Provo Tempernacle

We had tickets to the Provo Tabernacle Open House this past week. We were really excited to see the changes because both Mom and Dad had been heart-broken when the tabernacle was destroyed by fire. Dad had attended several meetings there including a Catholic Mass and a Stake Conference in which Elder Holland had given an Apostolic Blessing. Mom had been there for a tour of the historic buildings in Provo for one of her BYU classes. So we both loved the Tabernacle.

But the new temple is great, too. We took Grandpa Ockey and made the trip, even though it was snowing. By the time we'd parked a block away and trudged through the slush, we were pretty wet, but we really enjoyed the tour. The Temple is beautiful, even though the Celestial Room is very small. There was also a really nice historical exhibit that told the story of the tabernacle, including the removal of the center spire, the fire, and the rebuilding. We were amazed to find out that Rachmaninoff had even played at the Provo Tabernacle in 1938.

We are excited for the new temple, and Mark will get to attend the dedication. Mom and Dad can't wait to do a session as soon as it is open.
Who is this grown up kid? I don't think this even looks like Dax.

Mark is becoming such a young man!

Seth was more interested in catching snowflakes than taking pictures.

We love visiting new temples.

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