Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day in Ephraim

This year was a special year for our Memorial Day tradition of meeting family at a cemetery to discuss an ancestor. It has been 10 years next month since my Mom passed away, which is easy to remember because it was just 2 weeks before Mark was born.

I decided that we were celebrating Mom this year and asked each of my siblings to record a few memories and come prepared to talk about Mom. I was excited because my brother Gary planned his trip to paint Grandma's house so that it would coincide with Memorial Day.
The kids sure love Grandpa Ockey

We finished Mark and Dax's final soccer games (Mark and Dax scored 2 goals each) and headed down to meet the Alder's at Roy's for pizza. Then we arrived at the cemetery. We counted around 35 people there to talk and celebrate their memories of Mom. We had 6 of the 8 Ockey siblings (Debbie and Jim didn't make it, but Jim did write a tribute), and we passed out the tributes and talked about Mom until it started to rain. Then we all packed up and headed to the house where we spent another 2 hours or so talking in the yard. It was kind of an exciting time, because this was the first time Todd and Cate had their little twin girls out of isolation for a family event. Natalie looked around and she said, "This is exactly what your Mom would have wanted: All her kids together with the grandkids chasing around the yard."

I think she's exactly right. This was one of the nicest Memorial Days we've every had.
The whole gang at the Ockey home in Ephraim

All the kids spent the afternoon climbing through the hedge, and ended with lots of scratches, but no tears!

John's Tribute
Laurie's Tribute
Jim's Tribute
Gary's Tribute
Sandy's Tribute
Randy's Tribute
Amy's Tribute
Natalie's Tribute
Laurie's Kids Tribute

Last Day of School = Trip to Zoo

I feel like any time we have a day off from school, or if it's the first or last day of school, we end up going to the zoo. This year we really wanted to go up and see the lion cubs and check out the new playground. So with two good reasons to head to Hogle Zoo, we made the trek and had a wonderful time despite all the crowds. There were a bunch of people out of school, plus a ton of field trips. The boys didn't seem to mind, it was only mom getting grumpy because of the crowd.

We love Willow! She's already growing up.
The cubs were pretty lazy when we saw them but still adorable.

This picture is from the other side all zoomed in.

Mark was pretty proud of his climbing skills!

Seth loved this new playground. LOVED!
I love this picture that I caught of Dax. He looks so happy!

The orangutans were out and about. The baby is so cute!

And the boys were amazed at the flexibility of this orangutan.

The peacock came over to eat those carrots that someone dropped.
Seth was slightly terrified when he got stuck by the fence--don't worry, I rescued him after I took a picture! ;)

The boys loved the zoo. It's one of their favorite places to visit.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Spring Adventures

Seth asked to have a picnic every day the month of May. We didn't have one every day, but quite often!
We have been having a lot of fun since Spring Break. In fact, Randy has been working on our family book and he told me that we have written over 20 posts for Utah's Adventure Family since April. WOW! So here are some of my favorite pictures from our adventures that don't always make it on to the more official Utah's Adventure Family blog, or maybe just a picture from the daily life of the Ockeys.

Mark and some cub scouts from our ward, plus our awesome Cub Master doing some type of silly cheer!

One day Dax, Seth, and I rode bikes over to the duck pond, but we passed this pond on the way.
I'm so glad we live in beautiful Utah!

Here we are at the duck pond--I hope our boys always love being outside and being together. 

The apple blossoms on our tree were especially beautiful this year.

We got a trampoline and our boys couldn't be more excited about it.

One day we had a crazy hail storm. It was seriously intense!!!

Selfie at the Timpanogos Falls hike!

Sandy had a party for graduation. And all the boys took a swing at the piƱata!

Dax took some huge swings!

Mark was determined to break it, but didn't happen.

Selfie on the Heber Creeper

Seth and I waiting for the Dance Festival--nice face by Seth!

Sometimes Randy and I get shakes at JCWs after the kids are asleep. Shh...don't tell them!

The boys and I hiked Lisa Falls one afternoon. We had a ton of fun and the waterfall was amazing.

Seth doing some ninja moves at Bicentennial Park in Provo.

We have loved having a nesting pair of Osprey near our house this year. We see them daily.

We also hiked to Hidden Falls while dad was still working. The river was rushing so fast, we could barely get anywhere near the waterfall.

The boys love making silly faces whenever they get the chance. This is on the Mill B South trail.

Luckily we got out of the canyon right when this was rolling in!

Walked to the lake one evening and despite all the bugs, we had a fun family night.

Picnic at Vivian Park

The boys seriously didn't even eat lunch. They just wanted to look for fish and birds.

Mark likes to take pictures of his mom and dad, and he's getting pretty good.

The snow on the Timp Falls trail was awesome. We loved eating it on the way down!!

These three boys make me so happy. They are the best adventurers and boys I could ever ask for. I am truly blessed.

We visited the Fairies at Gardner Village with the Webbs! 

Dax is serious about the monkey bars, or rings in this case. He is so good at them.
This is the Wild West park in West Jordan.

Bandwagon Park in Lehi--this is before they all got sick from spinning around.
Not really, but they said they were going to be sick!

Some pretty tough boys--Mark and his muscles...Ha ha!

Dax got a suit for his birthday from Grandma and Grandpa Daniels. 

We saw this cute little quail at the Gardens one day.
All these adventures wear our little Seth out!

End of the Year Events

The end of the school year seems to bring a ton of events and fun goings on.

Seth finished up his preschool year with a few fun field trips. He went to the local nursery and planted his own flower, and he also went to the Bean Museum. We had a live animal show at the museum, and we had a lot of fun seeing a lizard, tortoise, and snake. Seth loved his little neighborhood preschool and is excited to attend preschool again next year.

Mark and Dax were busy at their school and they ended with a dance festival. Dax danced to "Do-Re-Mi" from "The Sounds of Music." I won't include the video, but it was clear that Dax knew the dance the very best. Half of the kids stood and sort of waved their arms around, but Dax had the steps down very well. Mark danced to "I Like to Move it" from Madagascar. He looked like he was having a ton of fun with his classmates while he danced on the field. Seth and I had front row seats and we had a lot of fun watching Mark and Dax shake it!
Dax walking across the field!
Dax spotted me right away!
Dax did a great job!
Mark's all ready to move it!
Mark and his friend were having lots of fun.
Like a LOT of fun....
The following week at school, Mark and Dax had field day. Mom helped organized field day and so Seth and Dax tagged along while she kept all the parent volunteers in line. In the afternoon, Dax was able to join Mark's class in the bubble balls and he had a ton of fun. Dax was also a great helper--even when it started pouring rain and he helped run the supplies inside.
They had a lot of fun slamming into each other.
They love these bubble balls!
Dax could barely lift his off the ground, but he had a blast!
The final big event of the school year was Mark and Dax's piano recital. They were able to play some really fun songs. Mark played two Queen songs (We will Rock You and We are the Champions) and Dax played two Beatles songs (Can't Buy Me Love and Let it Be). They both worked really hard and played so well. I am so proud of them. Mark also earned a special gold cup for participating in 3 piano festivals. He has worked hard to memorize lots of music over the last few years for these festivals.
Two handsome piano players! 
Mark receiving his trophy from his awesome piano teacher.
Today was the last day of school and I am excited for the summer time to just play!
Dax and his teacher, Mrs. Harding
Mark's 3rd Grade class

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