Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Itty Bitty Baseball

Seth has loved playing Itty Bitty Ball at the Legacy Center, and he was actually more excited for the baseball season than the others he has tried. He loved hitting the ball and running the bases. Seth is a good listener and his coach loved him for that. The one skill we are still working on is catching the ball. I figure he has a few years until he needs to perfect that one. I had so much fun watching Seth even though it was often strange to sit there all alone without a baby to take care of. Here are a few pictures of Seth.
Seth loved this uniform shirt given to Dax for his birthday. 
He is a great hitter!
One day he decided he had to wear a baseball hat.
Seth apologized to Dad about 50 times for being on the Yankees (even though it wasn't his choice).

This video shows some of the fun things he was able to do at Itty Bitty Ball. My favorite is always the warm ups where they do sit ups and push ups! Seth's favorite part of the day was always running around the cones.

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