Sunday, May 29, 2016

End of the Year Events

The end of the school year seems to bring a ton of events and fun goings on.

Seth finished up his preschool year with a few fun field trips. He went to the local nursery and planted his own flower, and he also went to the Bean Museum. We had a live animal show at the museum, and we had a lot of fun seeing a lizard, tortoise, and snake. Seth loved his little neighborhood preschool and is excited to attend preschool again next year.

Mark and Dax were busy at their school and they ended with a dance festival. Dax danced to "Do-Re-Mi" from "The Sounds of Music." I won't include the video, but it was clear that Dax knew the dance the very best. Half of the kids stood and sort of waved their arms around, but Dax had the steps down very well. Mark danced to "I Like to Move it" from Madagascar. He looked like he was having a ton of fun with his classmates while he danced on the field. Seth and I had front row seats and we had a lot of fun watching Mark and Dax shake it!
Dax walking across the field!
Dax spotted me right away!
Dax did a great job!
Mark's all ready to move it!
Mark and his friend were having lots of fun.
Like a LOT of fun....
The following week at school, Mark and Dax had field day. Mom helped organized field day and so Seth and Dax tagged along while she kept all the parent volunteers in line. In the afternoon, Dax was able to join Mark's class in the bubble balls and he had a ton of fun. Dax was also a great helper--even when it started pouring rain and he helped run the supplies inside.
They had a lot of fun slamming into each other.
They love these bubble balls!
Dax could barely lift his off the ground, but he had a blast!
The final big event of the school year was Mark and Dax's piano recital. They were able to play some really fun songs. Mark played two Queen songs (We will Rock You and We are the Champions) and Dax played two Beatles songs (Can't Buy Me Love and Let it Be). They both worked really hard and played so well. I am so proud of them. Mark also earned a special gold cup for participating in 3 piano festivals. He has worked hard to memorize lots of music over the last few years for these festivals.
Two handsome piano players! 
Mark receiving his trophy from his awesome piano teacher.
Today was the last day of school and I am excited for the summer time to just play!
Dax and his teacher, Mrs. Harding
Mark's 3rd Grade class

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