Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pi Day!

We love pie in our house. As most of you know, we dedicate two months of Sundays to eating different types of pies. Well, Pi day showed up on 3-14 and this year was extra specially because it was 3-14-15, which if you are nerds about math like we are, then you know Pi is 3.1415....! So we decided to celebrate in style.

First of all, we had mini breakfast pies for breakfast. They were basically breakfast casserole in pie crust.

Afterward we went to Mark's festival performance. We aren't allowed to take pictures or videos, but he did amazing! He played a mini concerto with his teacher and earned a Superior rating. We are so proud of Mark and how well he is playing the piano.

Then we decided to hike the G on a whim! We thought it would be a fun adventure and it was both! It was fun once we reached the top and headed down, and heading up was definitely an adventure. It was a one mile up hill hike...and I mean uphill all the way.

Family picture at the G. Do we look exhausted? Well, we are!

These boys are the best adventurers! We drag them everywhere and they troop along with little whining!
 We are lucky to have them and love them to death!

This is the G! When you get up close you see that it's made out of fencing material. Crazy!
Dax was so excited that the Juniper trees were starting to bloom!
We were so excited that he knew they were Juniper trees!

For dinner we had chicken pot pie and for dessert coconut cream pie! So delicious. It got us excited for pie month which is only 6 months away. :)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Zoo Trip!

We had a Monday off in March...well the kids had a day off from school while dad still had teacher meetings. We went to the zoo with our cousins. It was the perfect day. Warm enough for us, and cool enough for the animals. We saw a lot of fun stuff and there was hardly anyone else there. We could go to the zoo every week and never be tired of it.

This baby orangutan is 4 months old and so adorable!

Two rhinos up and eating...rare sighting for us!

These kids wanted to take a picture with every animal.

I love Esther smiling over in her stroller.

Crazy bears!

Two Lynx! Awesome!

The leopard was pacing all over.

We laughed at this turtle. He tipped the bowl so he could eat. Ha ha!

Mom, watch out! The crocodiles will Eat you!

Seth really wanted to ride in the peacock.

Mark LOVES the mandril.

Dax loves the bald eagle. They both got to ride their favorites.

We love the zoo! Selfie on the carousel.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

St. David's Day

March 1st is St. David's Day and last year my sister dreamed up the fun idea of getting together and celebrating our Welsh heritage since we have a good chunk of it in our family. Well, we decided it was so fun that we would do it again. We didn't change things up too much since last year was a blast! We ate lamb and Welsh cakes and trifle, but we also added some cheesy sauce that I forgot the name of. Even I liked it and I don't like cheese. So here are some pictures of our festivities.

Jason makes some yummy Welsh cakes. His mom joined us this year for St. David's Day!

Randy trying the cheese sauce.

Dax LOVES lamb. He seriously eats more than me.

These two got to share the little table.

I made this strawberry trifle.

The cousins in front of the Welsh flag!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Family Pictures

We had family pictures taken the last day of February. Our last family picture Seth is 3 months old, and since he's almost 3, I felt it was time for an update. We were very pleased with the result. Everyone cooperated very well! Here are my favorites.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Mark at our family pictures this week! 

Mark is getting old! Sometimes it's hard to believe that he is almost 9 years old.  Mark is a great oldest child because he is a great student and athlete. He sets a great example for his younger siblings by reading his scriptures and knowing so much about the gospel. The only thing we wish for Mark is more kindness toward his siblings, but hopefully that will come with age and maturity. Here are a few things that Mark has been doing lately.

Mark has been playing basketball. He and his two best friends are on the same team and that is all that matters for Mark. He really has a ton of fun out on the court and he is also pretty good! Randy is his coach and they love practicing together. Here is a short video of Mark playing and a few pictures. Mark is #5.

Mark is a good teammate. He tries to help everyone score on his team.
That makes me the most proud of him!

Mark loves having his dad for a coach!

Mark is in Cub Scouts and this week he earned his wolf badge. He actually earned it last month, but they accidentally forgot about it and didn't have the badge to give. So he was lucky and received it at the Blue & Gold Banquet this month. In our pack, the boys have to find a wolf hidden in whipped cream. Mark was a little nervous about this, but afterward told me the whipped cream was SO good! He loves Cub Scouts and has great leaders. I can't wait for him to join Bears and be with me!

Mark eating the whipped cream.

He found the wolf in record time!

Mark with his new wolf badge.

Mark doing the Tooty Ta with all the boys!

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