Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pi Day!

We love pie in our house. As most of you know, we dedicate two months of Sundays to eating different types of pies. Well, Pi day showed up on 3-14 and this year was extra specially because it was 3-14-15, which if you are nerds about math like we are, then you know Pi is 3.1415....! So we decided to celebrate in style.

First of all, we had mini breakfast pies for breakfast. They were basically breakfast casserole in pie crust.

Afterward we went to Mark's festival performance. We aren't allowed to take pictures or videos, but he did amazing! He played a mini concerto with his teacher and earned a Superior rating. We are so proud of Mark and how well he is playing the piano.

Then we decided to hike the G on a whim! We thought it would be a fun adventure and it was both! It was fun once we reached the top and headed down, and heading up was definitely an adventure. It was a one mile up hill hike...and I mean uphill all the way.

Family picture at the G. Do we look exhausted? Well, we are!

These boys are the best adventurers! We drag them everywhere and they troop along with little whining!
 We are lucky to have them and love them to death!

This is the G! When you get up close you see that it's made out of fencing material. Crazy!
Dax was so excited that the Juniper trees were starting to bloom!
We were so excited that he knew they were Juniper trees!

For dinner we had chicken pot pie and for dessert coconut cream pie! So delicious. It got us excited for pie month which is only 6 months away. :)


  1. Love your pi symbol on the chicken pot pie.

  2. Wow, you are good! We had Marie Callendar's chicken pot pies for lunch, Di Giorno's pizza pies for dinner, and Marie Callendar's cream pies for dessert. I probably should have made at least one of those from scratch...


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