Wednesday, April 22, 2015

In the Dog House

Today I received a pretty big chastisement from my husband about this blog. Yes, I know I haven't posted in almost a month. Yes, I know that there are a million things to write about. Yes, I know that it still says Pi Day as the top post. Yes, I know that I should be doing better.

So, I apologize for being a slacker and not updating the blog. I feel like life around here has been non stop. With two boys doing sports and many other activities, trying to potty train a 2 1/2 year old, Randy gone a lot more for church responsibilities, me trying to juggle two callings, and everything else involved in being a mother, that the one thing I can let slip is the blog. I don't want it to slip forever because it is a journal for our family, but for a few weeks it can take the back burner and no one will care, or notice.

But apparently someone did notice, so here I am writing at 10:00 at night so that I can avoid another lecture about putting up some pictures from the Jazz game (which I'm actually not doing). I'm going to share a few moments that don't normally make it on the blog (this one or our adventure one). Some behind the scenes pictures that you might not normally see, in no particular order. So enjoy!

Randy really does have a lot of fun with our boys! He is a great dad.

Randy thinks that I'm not in enough pictures, so now I have to be in lots more pictures.
I'm not really liking this turn of events.

A beautiful Pinyon jay we saw at the Bountiful temple.

Lots and lots of letter hikes. This was the easiest by far...the FG in Fountain Green.

M for Mark

Every year we look forward to seeing our friend the yellow-bellied marmot
come out of hibernation. He is alive and well this year!
Dax was a perfect poser for all my flower pictures at Thanksgiving Point.
Being silly while we wait to see some reptiles.

Nice pose, Seth!

Dax has grown about a foot this year, and he has to climb on EVERYTHING!

Pure joy because he's about to throw that snow at his mom!

They teamed up against me on the one day we had snow this April!

When did Mark grow up? He is such a great kid and I'm lucky to be his mom!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

You can enjoy a beautiful sunset even in the middle of SLC.

Being silly...always!

Wolves at story time.

I'm pretty proud of this picture I took of the Provo temple!

I love that Seth still takes naps!

And that he loves Oreos as much as I do!

Dax is always happy about a waterfall.

They love Wendy's hamburgers anytime.

Seth is always up for a selfie.

Red Sox season is here. Yay and Grr all at the same time.

We have loved having the Sandhill Cranes in the field every day this spring.
Mark at pack meeting showing his muscles. This was tonight!

I still love this guy even after the reprimand. ;)
I'm so grateful for Randy and that he is mine!


  1. YAY for new pictures!! I'm glad Randy reprimanded you! :)

    And you look so pretty in that last picture.

  2. I love ready your blog. Thanks for all the pictures.


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