Saturday, December 30, 2017

Dax 2nd Grade Basketball

Dax has great ball control.
Dax had an awesome year playing Junior Jazz basketball with Dad as his coach. His team was five girls and five boys, and Dax worked hard to help the rest of his team have fun. Since he could score at will he made it a point to pass and get his teammates some points. There was one game where he made sure every single player on his team scored. This was no small feat since of his teammates have difficulty shooting the ball all the way up to the eight foot rim. Dax just kept rebounding and passing until everybody had at least one bucket. When the last player finally put it through (on about the tenth try) all the players and the crowd exploded. It was really exciting. Dax got the sportsmanship award for that performance.
Dax got really great at his layups. 
Dax is quick so he can often beat everyone down the court. 
Dax loved having Dad for his coach. 
He took a lot of shots all alone!
We were proud of Dax's basketball season.
Dax's favorite moment of the season was making a buzzer beater. Dax was very aware of the clock, and all the time he was on the court he was checking the time. When it ran down to the final seconds, Dax would break free and launch a shot. Most times, this was not the most effective way to end the quarter. At the end of one half, though, he launched from just beyond half court and drained it. He and his brothers were very excited.

Dax's team won almost every game. He showed his mettle by hustling after every rebound, running past everyone and scoring countless layups, and best of all assisting his teammates in getting shots. It was another great season!

It was a great season. 

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas Trees

No snow! 
Christmas Trees was a little different this year. First of all, we left the sleds home. Seth was super-excited for sledding, but there was just no snow anywhere. Because there was no snow, everyone wanted to go a little higher up the mountain to look for trees than usual. This wasn't really a problem since it wasn't even very muddy. So all of us there, Debbie's family, Todd's family, Amy's family, Laurie's family, and we drove up around the corner past Lake Hill nearly to the Experiment Station.

Even without snow we had a great time. Uncle Glen had his four-wheelers, and the boys always love their rides with Dad. This year he let both Mark and Dax steer, and Mark worked the throttle himself. Seth went the fastest because he has a need for speed. We even took each of the boys off road a little bit so they could get a feel for real four-wheelin'.
The boys love to ride on the four wheelers, especially Seth. 
Mark was excited to drive a little bit this time.  
Mom and Dad!
Dax is the most intense driver!
We had to look quite a bit farther for trees than usual. We couldn't find the same type, either. We're no tree experts, but it seems we usually get a blue spruce. They have stout branches and strong, hard needles. This year, though, we ended up with douglas firs (we think). They are really beautiful trees, but they don't hold ornaments as well because the branches are flimsier and the needles are soft. They are really beautiful trees, though, and they have needles attached to the trunk, which makes them extra green. Dad was just glad because the wood was soft enough to drill, so the tree went right on the stand.
Dad is a great Christmas tree cutter.  
Seth didn't mind that there wasn't much snow. He ate all that he could! 
Seth learned from the best. Dax is a serious snow eater!
We think this was our most beautiful tree ever!
Mom and Dad got to ride in the back of the truck with the trees. 
This is Mom's artsy Instagram photo!
After we cut trees, we headed to our favorite restaurant, Roy's Pizza. Pretty much everyone else showed up, too. We were able to get back into Utah Valley by about four o'clock, and even though the sleds stayed home, we had a great time!
We love having a tall tree in the front room!
It looked beautiful all lit up! 
Our basement tree was the perfect shape and size. 
Picture perfect!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Thanksgiving at Grandma's House

This is our annual Thanksgiving Day picture.
We spent Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandpa Daniels' house. Mom's sisters, Melanie and Brittany, were also around for Thanksgiving. The boys had lots of time to play with their cousins, and Mom enjoyed being with her Mom!
Seth and Charlie love to play Life together.
Mark and Dax love playing Scattergories. So there were lots of games. 
We also did some storytelling while we were up there. The boys told their stories from the storytelling festival, and Grandma shared some fun stories from her growing up. Grandma is the greatest storyteller, so we always love listening to her stories.
We love Grandma's stories. 
We had a wonderful dinner, and lots of delicious pies. Mom was in charge of making name cards so the kids wouldn't fight over where they sat. Britt and Mel set the table all pretty. Randy did all the dishes, which has become a tradition in itself. We love Thanksgiving.
We had a beautiful table setting. 
Grandma and Grandpa fresh into retirement!
The kids table is always an exciting place at Thanksgiving!
Randy is a superb dish slave. 
All of these pies were delicious!
We had a very happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Sports Fanatics!

We might have a bit of a Sports problem in this house. We are definitely serious when it comes to supporting our teams.

We had a rare treat in our little city of Lehi. Both of the Lehi high schools advanced to the state finals in football. So we were really excited to see Lehi compete against Skyridge. Our boys will attend Lehi when they are older, so they were excited to support the Pioneers. We decorated the house, had purple candy, wore purple, and ate Lehi square donuts!! It must have worked because Lehi beat Skyridge!!
Go Pioneers!
We bleed purple!

Dax and Mark were invited to a BYU basketball game with some friends. They had a blast supporting the Cougs even though they wished they could have taken their Mom and Dad (at least that's what I assumed they were thinking).

Go Cougs! 
Dax is serious!
We also had the chance to go to a BYU volleyball game. We have been to watch the men play volleyball lots of times, but this was our first time we were able to watch the women play. We also had 2nd row seats which was amazing. We could see really well! AND the boys were able to get on the Dance Cam a million times. They had so much fun! We also had the chance to talk with the cheerleaders before the game, and they were really great with our boys. It was a great night!

These cheerleaders chatted with us for about 15 minutes before the game. They were so nice! 
There they are! 
Now it's Seth's turn! 
Always dabbing!

Friday, December 22, 2017

School Activities Part 2

We have had a lot going on at school the last few months, so we had to make two posts to share them all.

Mom and Seth went to the Fire Station on a preschool field trip. Mom has been to the fire station many times, but this was the first time she got to dress up like a firefighter. She had a lot of fun, but she is grateful she's not a fireman because those clothes are really heavy. Seth loves the fire station, too. He always loves sitting in the fire truck and watching the firemen.
This is Mom's last trip to the fire station. 
The firefighters showed us all sorts of tools, even the jaws of life. 
Mom was chosen to be the special helper.
She really enjoyed playing dress up!
Mom was happy to be there with Seth. 
Mom couldn't believe how hot and heavy the clothes were.
Her favorite part was high-fiving all the kids at the end!
Seth loved climbing in the truck.
Seth's class with the firefighters who were super fun!
Part of Red Ribbon Week always involved some crazy days. This year we had crazy hair AND crazy sock day all in one. Mark and Dax were really excited to dress up!
Mark chose Mom's candy corn socks!
Dax picked a pair of Christmas socks!
Right before Thanksgiving, Seth's preschool teacher has a little Moms & Munchies activity. All of the moms come and have a snack and read books with their kids. I look forward to spending some fun time with Seth. He was all dressed up like a Native American when I showed up, too!
Seth was so excited to read this book with me. 
Mom and Seth always fun together!
Dax joined Cub Scouts in May when he turned 8. He has been working hard on all of his requirements and he earned his Bobcat rank in October. Dax chose Dad to pin the parent pin on. 
Dad is always so silly about getting pinned.
Dax learned the Scout Law and Oath for his Bobcat rank.
Dax loves to participate in the flag ceremonies. 

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