Wednesday, September 14, 2011

OUR first day of school

Randy headed back to school on August 23rd. Well, he really went back the week before since he is a teacher, but that doesn't count since we could still go and play in his classroom and he was home around 3 PM.

I decided to do something fun to distract the children from the fact that dad was no longer home all day long. So we headed to the Zoo. I love Hogle Zoo and so do my children. We had fun digging for dinosaur bones, even though Dax cried every time we walked past a dinosaur. And we had some exciting experiences with the animals. The tigers were very active. One was bathing in the water and another was pacing right in front of the glass. Then he would turn and look at the glass (I don't know if they can see through it or not), and all the children would squeal because he was so close! The gorilla came outside and climbed up right when we happened to walk by--this is exciting because Mark loves the gorillas.

Anyway, we are having a great school year. Randy is busy and we miss having him home all day, but we like the routine of life that somehow melts away in the summer. Here are some pictures of our first day of school.

Mark digging for bones!

Love the carousel!

Tiger close-up!

Enjoying a bath.

Our gorilla friend.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Dax requested we go bowling when he filled up his potty chart last week, so we decided to go. Yes, he is potty trained. I hadn't planned on potty training until he was at least three, since I had such a hard time with Mark. Dax had a different plan. He basically potty-trained himself. So after he filled his first potty chart, we headed to Jack and Jill Lanes in Lehi for some fun times. Here are a few of our memories.

Mark is very focused--that is probably why he won!

Mark getting a strike!

Dad complaining about how the bowling ball doesn't have big enough thumb holes (he was just looking for an excuse since Mark was beating him).

Dax insists on carrying the ball himself.

We love bowling.

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