Thursday, September 8, 2011


Dax requested we go bowling when he filled up his potty chart last week, so we decided to go. Yes, he is potty trained. I hadn't planned on potty training until he was at least three, since I had such a hard time with Mark. Dax had a different plan. He basically potty-trained himself. So after he filled his first potty chart, we headed to Jack and Jill Lanes in Lehi for some fun times. Here are a few of our memories.

Mark is very focused--that is probably why he won!

Mark getting a strike!

Dad complaining about how the bowling ball doesn't have big enough thumb holes (he was just looking for an excuse since Mark was beating him).

Dax insists on carrying the ball himself.

We love bowling.


  1. So cute! Way to go Dax! You and my boy must be practically twins.
    Aunt Sandy


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