Dealing with Coarctation

Our 3rd child had "coarc surgery" when he was 6 days old. At two months, we found out it had narrowed again. He then went to the Cath Lab for angioplasty. We wanted to share our experience here. 

Respiration Trouble
Trouble Continues

Learning about the Coarc
Transfer to Primary Children's
Waiting for diagnosis
Deciding on surgery
Surgery scheduled

Meeting the Surgeon
The Surgery (written play by play--start at the bottom)

Hospital Recovery
Next Day (removing medical stuff)
First feeding after surgery
Move from the ICU
The Incision
Learning CPR
Car Seat Test
Going Home

Home Recovery 
Follow up Visit
Setback: Aorta narrows again 

Procedure Scheduled
Getting Ready for Procedure
Cath Lab
Photos of Aorta
Coming Home
Follow Up at Cardiologist

Personal Thoughts throughout this process
Mom is grateful
Dad is grateful
Brotherly Love
Motherly Love
Answers to Prayers

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