Thursday, September 13, 2012

Horrible Pre-Op

We're waiting . . . we love waiting.

I got a call this morning at 11:00 AM telling me that I had to bring Seth in for some blood work. I wish they would have prepared me for this because it threw a wrench in my whole day. I was going to vacuum, do some laundry, go to Costco (we are all out of food, especially fruit, around here), and get all ready for tomorrow. Well . . . none of that really happened, except the blood work.

I waited for Mark to get home from Kindergarten, fed him and Dax some lunch, nursed Seth, packed up and headed out the door around 1:30. Luckily my mom is in town and she came over to babysit. I don't know what I would do without her.

I only cried for about 2 minutes as I turned onto the road heading up to the hospital. It was like all the memories of the first surgery came rushing back and I realized that tomorrow I was going to send my little baby away. But I pulled myself together as I pulled into the parking lot.

Seth and I walked into Primary Children's hospital at 2:15. We got registered and headed to the lab. And then we waited and waited and waited. Finally, around 2:50, they called me to the desk to say they couldn't find any doctor's orders for blood work so they were going to call the doctor. Gee thanks, it took you 35 minutes to figure that out. Seth was starting to get fussy.

Finally at 3:10 we headed back into the room after a few phone calls and lots of questions for me . . . I still wonder if the right person is getting that blood work. Anyway, now the bad part begins. That stuff before was nothing.

Seth is a little chubby, as most of you know, so it was hard to find his veins. His veins are small and he has a lot of layers to go through before you can find them. For the next hour, he was poked, squeezed, and prodded. Four different nurses tried to find a vein where they could draw some blood. He was poked in both arms, both hands, and both feet. Seth also had his heel poked. It took two nurses, one to help hold and one to poke, a special light to help locate the vein, and a completely dark room (so the light would work) to get the blood needed, and a lot of screaming from Seth. I felt so bad. I would much rather have my blood drawn then go through that again.

I'm sure tomorrow won't be much better, but I'm hoping.

Oh, and the ride home was an hour and a half due to traffic and 2 stops to comfort our little baby pin cushion.
Poor little guy! :(


  1. Oh, this just breaks my heart! I have small veins myself and have been through some experiences I'd rather forget with nurses trying to find veins and unsuccessfully attempting to put IVs in over and over. But to put a baby through that is just horrible! And to have to witness it as his mother is perhaps even worse!! I'm glad I'm reading this after the angioplasty is over and am happy that everything went well and that Seth is smiling again!


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