Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Drive

Every year we drive Payson Canyon to look at the fall leaves. It is one of our favorite family activities. Randy and I started the tradition when we were engaged. We take a picnic, find some acorns, hike around, and take lots of pictures. So here are the pictures from this year. We went with Randy's sister and her family, so we were able to get a family picture. That doesn't happen too often.

We also tried a new "hike" to Devil's Kitchen, which is like a mini-Bryce Canyon. We usually don't make it this far on the Nebo Loop. Instead, we turn around long before, but everyone was in a good mood so we pressed on. It was more like a 3 minute walk to look at some really red rock formations. We had fun though.

We are already planning another trip. We went early this year so we think we could go again and still enjoy the leaves. If anyone wants to come, let us know!

Seth only made it part way up the Grotto Trail. He was eating for the first half of the hike.

I love this family picture. Mark is cheesing, Dax is talking, Randy is making his regular "Natalie is making me take too many pictures face," Seth is squirming, and I'm just glad everyone is looking at the camera.

We love seeing the colors of fall!

"Hiking" out to Devil's Kitchen

Devil's Kitchen


  1. Love those fall drives! But with Carl working so many hours, I don't think we are going to get one this year.


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