Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Moment From My History

My sister is the author of this blog. It's a pretty popular blog with viewers from all over the world that tune in to see how she can possible raise 12 children. Well, as you can see from the post, I was recently "called-out" to share a moment from my past. Immediately, I had something come to mind. I'm pretty sure her day was so big that she has absolutely no recollection of my little role in it.

When Momof12 (she uses this as an Internet pseudonym) was in high school she joined a beauty contest in our small hometown. I only remember two things from the pageant as I'd have been only 8 or 9 at the time. Her memory of the event is recorded here. The first thing that I remember was that she didn't win. The second thing was that that horrible Sylvia Finlayson (whoever that was) did-- or maybe she placed, I don't know, but boy, did we blame her.

I remember being so sad that my sister hadn't won, that I did what any little brother would do. I made a fancy tiara from paper. I cut a band to go around her head, and pasted a diamond shaped paper to the front. I colored the band silver with an old crayon. The "jewel" was colored gold. (Yes, it was every bit as beautiful as it sounds.) I distinctly remember giving it to her and saying: "You can at least be my Princess."

Is that the sappiest, crappiest story you've every heard, or what? And I'll bet she doesn't remember a word of it!


  1. That's why I like you...
    I do remember that as a matter of fact. You weren't bad, as far as little brothers go.
    Love you,
    ps It was Nibley.

  2. Hey thanks for the sap. I liked it!

  3. And that's why sisters have little brothers! We need the sappy adoration!


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