Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Three Boys Update

Things have been changing around our house the last few weeks. Randy went back to work and has his biggest class of students ever.

Mark had his first day of Kindergarten yesterday. He LOVES school and riding the bus. It is so fun to see how independent he is as he heads off to school. I know he'll have a great year. Here is a picture of Mark the first day of school.

Now that Mark is gone every morning, Dax has more free time on his hands. He starts preschool next week and is so excited. We went to his open house today and met his teacher. She is amazing, and I know he'll enjoy preschool this year. Check out Dax below--this is how he came out dressed this morning (shorts first, then underwear). He loves to be silly.

Seth is 2 months old today. He has gained a lot of weight, and we will find out how much on Friday at his two month check up (our scale has him upward of 14 pounds!). The following week we head to the cardiologist to check on his heart. He is such an easy-going, content baby. Seth even sleeps in his bed every once and awhile now. We are enjoying all his smiles.

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  1. I can't believe how grown-up they are! Noah starts preschool next week too.


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