Thursday, August 9, 2012

Our Garden

We haven't been good to our garden this year. We got it planted and moving along pretty well-- then it seemed like we got busy with other things. In fact, if it hadn't been for the automatic watering system we bought a few years ago, we'd probably have a desert in our backyard. Over the last week or two, we've picked a bunch of tomatoes, 10 ears of corn, a few quarts of beans, and a peck (that's half a bushel) of green peppers. We also have had maybe 10 cucumbers. Not bad for a neglected garden patch. Today was a bumper crop, though. Just today, we picked this:

That's a lot of beans!

Half a peck of peppers


  1. How much is a peck exactly? And are you planning to pickle them?

    1. Remember those bushel baskets of apricots we'd buy? That's exactly 2 pecks. (1/2 bushel = 1 peck). The part that bothers me is about the peppers being pickled. I'm pretty sure you have to pickle them yourself. I've never heard of a bush that will produce pickled peppers. It's seems as if Mr. Piper was a bit of a liar!


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