Friday, August 17, 2012

Which Ockey are you?

At least once a week I get asked who does Seth look like--Mark or Dax? I usually say something like this, "Well, at first I thought he looked like Dax, but now I think he looks more like Mark." So sometimes when I am nursing Seth late at night I think about who he looks like and acts like. I know he is only 7 weeks old, but here are a few things I have noticed.

Top Three Things Like Mark
1. Seth has some pretty bad gas like Mark did. He doesn't spit up quite as much as Mark, thank goodness. Dax never spit up or had gas bubbles.
2. Seth loves to be held to fall asleep and doesn't like to sleep in his bed. Mark was the same way. Dax wanted to be in his bed and still asks for naps.
3. Seth has the same shape eyes as Mark which means they get squinty when he smiles. Dax has big eyes like his dad.

Top Three Things Like Dax
1. Seth hates to look at books. I was worried about Dax because he would not read books, but he figured it out, so I hope Seth does too. Mark loved books from birth.
2. Seth has gained a ton of weight, just like Dax (and they both started in the mid 9 pounds). Mark was "only" 8 lbs. 6 oz.
3. Seth has the same dark hair that Dax started with that later turned blonde. I figure Seth will do the same. Mark sported the Howie Mandel look.

So what do you think? Is Seth a little Mark or a little Dax?

Mark at 2 days old.

Dax at 3 days old.

Seth at 3 days old.

Mark -- two months

Dax -- two months

Seth -- two months (almost)


  1. How about a little Randy? At least the gas part seems to fit...

    1. The real question is... does Randy like books?

    2. Maybe you should join my bookclub, Emily! It's having it's 10 year anniversary next summer!


    3. So.... what you're saying is that was a dumb question.

  2. So fun to compare! I think Seth looks like Dax, but with Mark's smile/expressions.


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