Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sledding Up Big Cottonwood Canyon

The boys dove out of the car into the snow as soon as we pulled up. 
The kids have been dying to go sledding, but it has been impossible since there is no snow. Then we saw a fellow instagrammer sledding up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It looked like so much fun that we decided to go. We packed up our three saucers and two beat up sleds and made the drive. As we were headed up the trailer, we actually ran into the blogger, Wander and Scout, and she was as nice in person as she is on her account.
The canyon was gorgeous. 
It was fun to run into Jamie Cook from Wander and Scout.  
The boys were impatient while Mom talked with her friend,
so they started climbing the hill on the side of the trail to sled. 
We continued up the trail and found some awesome sledding sights. There were three nice hills. Mom enjoyed the kiddie slope best because it was long, but not steep. Mark tried a really steep hill with a massive jump at the bottom. He rode right over the jump and landed on the sled. Dax and Seth were most excited about the speed on the steepest hill. We spent most of the day there on the trail to Donut Falls. We took about 400 pictures and a lot of video. Dad even broke one of the sleds right in half! But nobody got hurt, and we scratched the sledding itch. The only problem is that now we want to go back!
Seth always has a big smile as he sleds down the hill. 
The older boys loved this jump. This is Dax going off it!
Dax smiles even if he is going to crash.
Seth loves going on a sled ride with Dad. 
Dax will snowplow himself down the hill, too!
Mom loved the easy hills. No jumps for her!
Mark tackled this big hill first thing. 
Mark really loved this bumpy route. 
Mark seemed to always come down backward, but he caught air!
Seth didn't quite make it over the last bump.
Dad broke the sled in two pieces. 
Mark loves sledding. 
Dad and Seth took another ride together. 
And ended up backward!
Dax always has his mouth open when he sleds to catch any snow that might fly up. 
Seth has picked up that habit, too!
Mom ate a lot of snow on this ride. 
And spun all the way around, too!
Mark tried to take out a few people.
Nice trick Mark!
Dax could catch some serious air on this one bump in the trail. 
Seth liked to go down the bumpy trail, too. 
He never crashed. 
Go Dax Go!
Mark was smiling after every sled ride!
It was a fun afternoon.
Mom and Dad enjoyed the sledding, but they had more fun watching their boys love it so much.
Happy Sledding Day!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Dad's Birthday

Family pic at the Aquarium
Dad's birthday was perfect. He had received some free passes for the Living Planet Aquarium when they came to his school, and since we can't afford to pay $80 for our family, it made the price a little nicer. So after Dad's favorite breakfast of ham and cheese omelet, we headed north. The Aquarium was really fun, and they have added several new things. They've been touting the sloth exhibit for a few months, but the sloths did exactly what we expected. Both were sitting in a basket doing nothing. They could've been a couple of rough fur coats for all we could see. There was also a new wing called the Asian Highlands, which included a clouded leopard. We enjoyed watching him for awhile.
We got to see the otters eat which was a lot of fun.
The boys took a closer peek at the otters. Do you see the otter to the right?
We love the Amazon section of the Aquarium, but we are always sweating by the time we leave. 
We spent a good 20 minutes watching this snake to see if he was going to eat the baby chicken.
We never saw him open wide and swallow it. But it was interesting to watch him grab it and move it around.
The boys love spending time with their Dad!
Seth was not happy about walking across the rope bridge. He was terrified! 
We went to see a 4D movie.
We loved seeing the clouded leopards. The one closest is a juvenile.
The touch pool is always a great stop. 
We love sitting in the shark tunnel.
Look out!!
Happy Birthday Dad!
After over two hours in the Aquarium we came home so Dad could have his nap. It's the one thing he wants every year. For dinner we tried to do steaks on the grill, but it was too cold, so we brought them in and did them on the George Foreman. Mom also made cheesy potatoes like Grandma Ockey used to make. She even sauteed some mushrooms, which are his favorite. And for dessert she made Heath Bar trifle. Dad was really stuffed after dinner!
This trifle was amazing. Brownies, Cool Whip, Pudding, and Heath bar!
Dad didn't want candles, so we pretended for the boys.
Finally, Dad got to open his gifts. The boys had some really fun things for him, but their favorite was a game called Skunk in the Campground, which is a version of Old-Maid. They laughed and laughed at Dad's reaction. There was also a lawn game of LCR, which is a family favorite. Best of all was a book of Mom and Dad on all their hikes this year. There were 65 pictures of them in all kinds of places. It went on the shelf with all the other family history books, but Dad will pull it out and look at it pretty often. Dad was really glad that Mom gave him another great birthday.
We love playing games as a family.
We laughed and laughed when we bought this game for Dad. 

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