Monday, August 13, 2012

Sometimes I just need a laugh . . .

I must have accidentally put Dax's jeans in Mark's drawer, so when he came down and said that these pants were really tight and he could barely button them (after he had been wearing them for 1/2 hour), I lost it. I hadn't laughed that hard for awhile.

Looks like he has capris on!


  1. HAHAHAHA!!!!

    (Okay, so I totally did that with my kids once, too. I know. I know. I have a GIRL and a BOY, but hear me out. Karlee has some pants (leggings) that look like JJ's pajama pants. I wasn't paying attention when folding and her pants ended up in JJ's drawer. We didn't know until he came downstairs one evening, and I noticed BOWS on the bottom of his pants! Yep, he changed those real quick! And now, I try to be more aware when folding!)

  2. That sounds like Nate! But you would think that at 18 he would notice that he is wearing his sister's ruffled PUBLIC!


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