Monday, September 3, 2012

Seth's Baby Blessing

Yesterday was Seth's baby blessing. He hit the two month mark this week and unfortunately he also hit 15 pounds. When I took him to the doctor, I was honestly embarrassed that he had gained so much weight. But my pediatrician was actually glad Seth was thriving so well after his rough start, and he made me feel much better.

Seth was a good baby through his blessing--he slept. And he was a trooper through the pictures even though he was hungry. But, Seth did decide to have a huge blow out later at church. I was burping him in the mother's lounge and heard him poop. Then I felt it running down his leg. I picked him up and it started to drip all over my skirt and the chair. So I laid him down on the burp cloth. I was kind of at a loss--I couldn't carry him out and drip yellow poop all over the church, and I couldn't leave him in the mother's lounge. Luckily, there was a sister in my ward who had just finished feeding her baby. She offered to get Randy and the diaper bag. Well, I'm not sure if Seth's white shirt will recover after the incident, so I am glad we got pictures before the poop explosion happened. Especially since the only thing I had for him to wear in the diaper bag was a brown onesie with a lion on it. It looked amazing with his black & red argyle socks! He smiled the whole time, so I didn't get too mad at him. I just wish baby diapers could keep more poop inside.

Dad and Seth

Seth with his dad & grandpas. 

The Ockey family!


  1. You are so on top of things getting this posted already! Baby blow outs are the worst!! And you're right, they should make diapers that can handle it since that is the age that it happens most!

  2. So cute! Love that baby!

    (And by the way, Isaac weighs 16 pounds...)

    1. I figured Isaac wasn't too much bigger than Seth even though he is a year old!!! :)

    2. Although holding Seth is so much easier. He doesn't wiggle as much!

  3. It was a great day! We were so happy to be able to attend. Seth is such a cutie, along with your other 2! Sorry about the blowouts, they happen.

  4. One of my girls, I think it was Kinsey, had a blowout just like that. My only option was to try to wash her dress but it never looked the same. All the beautiful shininess was gone with the poop!


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