Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pictures of Seth's Insides!

Here are the pictures of Seth's coarctation. The top picture shows the recurrence of the narrowing. Look closely and you'll also see the measurements. The aorta before the branches is 7.49 mm wide. Down at the bottom of the aorta it measures 6.78 mm, which is normal after the branching. Up where the coarctation occurs, you can see that the aorta measures only 3.58 mm. In addition, the "color" of the aorta is important. The lighter it appears, the narrower it is. At the coarctation, it becomes almost invisible. 

You can see a couple of other things in these pictures. Three staples appear at the narrowing-- remnants of Seth's surgery. You can also see the tube they've inserted which has curled at the end into the aorta. The bottom picture doesn't show the measurements, but it's pretty clear that the narrowing in the aorta looks better.
Before the angioplasty

After the angioplasty

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  1. Wow! It is amazing what they can do with modern technology. So glad he is doing better.


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