Monday, September 10, 2012

Procedure Set

Such a cutie! Don't you think bad things should only happen to ugly people?
Seth will have the angioplasty on Friday. He will stay Friday night after the procedure, but not the night before. This time it feels so uncertain because they call you the day before to tell you the time and what to do. Last time, I at least felt like I knew what was going on after they scheduled things. That's okay. We have a few days to hang out and stress. They wanted to do it next Monday, but I was not going to wait a whole week. We'll let you know more details on Thursday when we know more details. Seth is doing wonderfully--even sleeping through the night this past week. It's hard to believe his little heart is working so hard.

Ready for church.


  1. Too cute! Call me if you want me to help with the boys!

  2. Love the ties! Hope this surgery is the last one.

  3. I agree, only bad things should happen to ugly people. But your boys are super cute and everything will go okay. We are here, just call us! The boys are more than welcome to come play with Grandma and Josh this week, anytime if you need a break!


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