Friday, June 29, 2012

Baby Update

10pm that night (6/29)

Things seem to have cleared up with Seth's breathing. He is eating really well. Natalie was up and around-- well, as far as the bathroom tonight. Her incision is bleeding a little more than they'd like, but no worries right now. I will be staying with Nat tonight because she can't pick him up, so I'll have to set him on her lap.

Seth is very calm. He whimpered and grunted all morning, a sign that he was struggling to get air (or so they tell me). He has been mostly quiet since. He is a cute little thing and played with us for a little while when he was awake this evening.

Dax was here earlier and said, "Dad, I think we should keep him."

Mark just smiled and as we were saying goodnight he said, "I'm really glad we have another brother in the family."

We didn't have too many visitors today, but if you'd like to drop by tomorrow, just call ahead.

Try not to look so skeptical, Seth!


  1. So glad he is doing well! The pictures are cute; I love the ones with Mark and Dax. Hope Nat can get some rest to recover!

  2. Been showing the pics to the kids all day. Just realized I hadn't made any comments about how cute he is! Love the pic with all you boys together. Congrats! Give Natalie a hug from us. Just a soft one...

  3. So glad to see everyone today. Thanks for letting us come by.


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