Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day. The boys and I tried really hard to make it a special day for our amazing father! We made him a big breakfast, went for a bird drive, cooked him a big dinner, and bought him some fun presents. Mark bought his dad a Star Wars book, called Darth Vader and Son. I think we have read this book about 50 times in the last two days. Dax bought his dad a new version of Uno--the Star Trek version. They played it about 10 times yesterday. Dax loves Uno, Randy loves Star was a good gift. We also bought Randy a few new shirts to wear. The boys were so excited that they had to wear them too.

I am grateful for Randy and all that he does for our family. He is a great dad. He play basketball, baseball, soccer, and many other sports with the boys. He wrestles with the boys, reads books to them, does puzzles, teaches them many things about the universe, lets them help with tasks around the house, and takes them on many adventures. He is a great husband. He does all the dishes in the house, takes care of our yard, vacuums out the van, does lots of deep cleaning projects, discusses books with me, and supports me in all I do. I am so grateful to have Randy. We love that he teases us, makes us laugh all the time, and is so knowledgable about everything. We couldn't make it without him. Happy Father's Day Randy!


  1. I love this Natalie! I agree whole-heartedly with everything you said about Randy. I love him like he is one of my own sons.

  2. Randy is a good guy, but when we were at the Sang's he didn't do much yard work. He must like you better!

  3. I was going to make some funny snarky reply until I read the stuff my sisters said and then I thought maybe I'd just better be a joiner too. Love you little bro!


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