Saturday, June 23, 2012

Star Wars Birthday Party

Mark is turning 6 in a few weeks, so I decided if he was going to have a birthday party this year it was going to have to be before the baby. He is really into Star Wars and wanted a Star Wars birthday party. I had a lot of fun planning the party and the kids seemed to have a lot of fun. Randy was a great help and had the kids laughing all the time.

I gave each of the party guests a card that said they were a Jedi in training. They had to pass off all 5 tasks to become a Jedi master. They were so excited. First, we played Star Wars Bingo. Then they had to "use the force" and pin the light saber on a Star Wars poster we had. Next, they used their Jedi mind tricks to figure out what the picture was (I took pictures of household items up close) and the sound (I recorded sounds around our home). Then we headed outside to maneuver through the asteroid field. They had to find an asteroid of each color (the asteroids were prizes wrapped in tin foil with colored stars on them). Finally, the kids had to prove they could use a light saber by keeping a balloon off the ground as long as possible. We also played Red Saber, Green Saber just like red light, green light.

Then we opened presents, had cupcakes (the light saber below), and then it was time to head home as Jedi Masters. It was such an easy party, but so much fun. Here are a few pictures.

Light Saber Cupcakes

The party guests!

Dax hunting for asteroids

Opening asteroids to find prizes

Red Saber, Green Saber

We actually only had a red and blue saber, but they got the idea.

Light Saber skills

Opening Presents

We love Star Wars!


  1. This sounds super fun. I am impressed. You know how to throw a good birthday party!!

  2. Your party sounds awesome! I don't think any of my kids even know what Star Wars is... that's a problem, isn't it?!

  3. It turned out so cute! I love it! Great job! :)


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