Sunday, July 8, 2012


This morning (Sunday) I called Natalie to see when we could come and visit her and Seth. She said that Seth was doing extremely well. He had his oxygen removed last night and they are talking about him coming home today.

The wound on his side is a bit weepy, and he actually lost a little weight (only 6 grams, but that's not the weight gain we hoped for). They have started giving him a diuretic which means that he is shedding a lot of water, so the weight loss isn't a huge surprise. His vitals all look great. He is doing "the car seat test" right now. They leave him hooked to the monitors while he sits in the seat for the duration of our car ride home. That's about 45 minutes.

They watch his heart rate and oxygen levels to make sure he can handle a car ride.

We thought that once we found out he was coming home, we'd be ecstatic, but it turns out that it comes with plenty of worry, too. Caring for a newborn is a difficult experience anyway, but how do you bathe a child after major heart surgery? How do we know everything is okay once those monitors are unhooked? What is something happens that we're not prepared to handle?

Mark and Dax were so concerned when Seth made any kind of noise.

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  1. So glad he is doing so well! Coming home this soon after surgery is terrifying...but he is in great hands! You two have great instincts and will know just how to take care of him! Good luck...and please don't hesitate to call if you need ANYTHING!!


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