Monday, July 2, 2012

Wait and See

Primary Children's Hospital is running it's own battery of tests. The pediatric cardiologist at UVRMC determined that the surgery should be performed and recommended Seth be brought here. Now we are hearing "wait and see." It looks like for now we are on a 2-3 day watch period. Then, they'll make a determination as to whether or not surgery is required. If surgery IS required (still feels likely due to what UVRMC said) then Seth will be here an addition 7 days-- assuming everything goes well.

Ten days of living at the hospital! What will Grandma do with Dax and Mark?!


  1. Sam would love to have Mark and Dax over any time!

  2. We can still step in and take them whenever you need us to.

  3. Anything you need and I am sure people will take care of it for you. I sure hope Seth continues to do well despite his heart problem. We are all praying for him and you guys.


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