Sunday, July 29, 2012

At the Lake

We had a fun time at Utah Lake with the Alders on Friday. It was the boys' first time in a boat, and they were very excited. In the end, they decided not to get in the water (well, Dax kicked his feet a little off the back of the boat), but it turns out dad can still ski. He pulled himself right up on all 3 attempts. He wasn't nearly as good at wake boarding (he pulled up, but it was like he was on ball bearings and lasted about 5 seconds). Also, don't ask him to get anything off the top shelf because he is sure sore today!

Natalie and Seth sat this one out, but next time they will be on the boat for sure. Below are the pics and ski video.

Getting ready to go on the boat.

Dax and Ty

Randy on the tube

Dax squirting dad.

Dad and Mark enjoying each other.

Driving the boat.

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