Monday, July 2, 2012


One of the hardest things is how perfect and ready to come home he looks.

Natalie has been released from the hospital. We are at home showering and getting ready to go to Primary Children's Hospital. Seth is currently on his way. The life flight (ambulance-- not chopper) people were really excited as they were loading him up. "No IV, no oxygen; this is awesome," one nurse said. They gave him a cute little life flight shirt, too. We are trying to hold it together.

Seth in the life flight carriage getting ready to go.

I really don't have anything to tell or any knowledge other than what has been expressed in the previous entry. I've planned pretty much my whole life up to now, and it's killing me being unable to plan more than one hour in advance . . .

Somehow typing it up helps a little bit. You will probably see very regular updates of the next week.


Too bad he can't quite wear the life flight shirt!


  1. It is all I can do not to race over to your house right now! Give Natalie a hug from me! (a gentle one so it doesn't hurt her stitches) I can't stop thinking about you guys but the life flight shirt does make it seem a little better.

  2. Thanx for keeping us updated. Prayers and more prayers sent your way!

    (And know many people care... My own phone has been ringing off the hook with questions and concerns for your family.)

    We sure love you!

  3. Love you guys! We have already been praying. Sam is very concerned about "Baby Seth".


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