Saturday, July 7, 2012

Seth's New Home

It's been another big day up here at PCMC. I was able to nurse Seth today and he did great. He latched on great and even gave me a big smile half way through the feeding--I didn't care that it was a gas smile. Then we fell asleep in the chair together for awhile. It almost felt like we were living a normal life.

And now we just moved up to the CSU (Children's Surgical Unit). This is a less critical unit. It's nice to be out of the ICU because it means that Seth is improving. The room is also HUGE compared to the ICU. I do worry because he won't have his own personal nurse anymore, but he probably doesn't need the constant care as much. Besides, I will probably be here all the time anyway.

Seth in his new room.
I think Seth looks skinny now. I am used to big, chubby babies and when I showed up I looked at his face and it seemed so thin. I know he lost weight, but I didn't think I would see a recognizable difference. I hope he will gain it back quickly. The nurses assure me he will be fine.

Mark and Dax came to see Seth today. They haven't seen him since the surgery, so they were very excited.

I think he looks skinny here, too. Juxtaposition tends to do that!

Mark's really impressed by how tiny Seth is.

You can add your own joke caption in the comments.
(In reality, Natalie took 4 pictures and Dax tried a different face for all of them.)


  1. He does look tiny! So how much does he weigh now?

    1. Just under 9 pounds (8.954 lbs. to be exact) which is 8 lbs. 15 oz.
      He was born at 9 lbs. 6 oz.

  2. He is progressing so quickly!! I love his big eyes. So cute.


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