Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Fish Does the Backstroke

So, you know all about Seth and his surgery, but one of our lesser known family members is our fish. I bought him from a fair at school-- fish, tank, rocks, food, water, etc. for $14. Mark and Dax really love him. Mark wanted to name him Jorge after Natalie's old fish from long ago. Dax wanted to name him Poochie after the name we called Seth in utero which was Moochie. We finally settled on Poochie Jorge, or PJ for short.

We think he is a black moor fish. Whatever the case, he has a unique and somewhat disturbing habit. He likes to float on his back at the top of the bowl. The first time this occurred, Dax came to tell us the fish was "sleeping" on top of the bowl.

We've learned if you gently tap the glass, he tips back over and swims away!

Yes, he is floating on his back. The first few times we thought he was a goner.
 But we have learned that sometimes PJ likes to do the back stroke.


  1. I guess we all have our quirks!

  2. I love how he has a "J" name just like all your boys! Coincidence?


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