Monday, August 29, 2011


We have been growing lots of things in our garden this year, but we decided to try growing some sunflowers. My sister Melanie and I had the kids plant seeds in little pots so they could get started early. My boys had fun watering the little peat pots and watching their sunflowers grow. We finally decided they were big enough to move outside. Unfortunately the next day there was a huge wind and rain storm, and none of the sunflowers survived. My boys were so sad. Luckily I had a huge bag of mammoth sunflower seeds in my church primary closet, left over from an activity. So I took one home and we planted it. Nothing grew for a long time, but one day when I was weeding I noticed a little plant. A few months later we have a 10 1/2 foot tall sunflower. It is a big attraction at our house (the boys run and check on it every day) and everyone who comes to visit has a comment about the sunflower on the side of our house. And, there is a two foot sunflower trying to grow in the shadow of our mammoth sunflower--one of our original plants is trying to make a comeback. We will have to see how it does. Check out our sunflower!

Dax's eyes were closed, so I tried another picture later.

Now Mark isn't looking, but you can see how big the flower is compared to the boys and our 6 foot fence.


  1. Okay, I have never seen this sunflower. Then again it has been awhile since I have been to your house and probably not looking for it. But it looks awesome. Hope the other one comes up.

  2. Wow! We have some volunteers that grew from last year, but we've never had any as tall as that! But our corn is amazingly high this year, about 8 feet. I think it must be the extra rain we have had.


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