Monday, August 8, 2011


The Ockey clan headed up to see Grandma and Grandpa Daniels this weekend. While Randy and Grandpa worked on a new deck, the boys enjoyed spending time with Grandma and her raspberries. They helped pick raspberries, made jam, and ate tons and tons of raspberries. They had raspberries for every meal and every snack. I can't blame them, they are great raspberries and there are millions of them! We have a raspberry bush and so far we have picked about 10 raspberries. Hopefully next year we will get a few more. So here are some fun pictures of the boys enjoying raspberries.

Picking Raspberries

A few minutes later--all their raspberries were mysteriously gone!

We still managed to fill the bowl.

Oh, Dax--how many raspberries did you eat?

Mark mashed the raspberries for the jam!

Dax added the sugar and stirred it all up!


  1. I am glad someone was helping mom. That is a lot of raspberries.

  2. Oh, I love raspberry jam! So jealous!


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