Saturday, April 25, 2015

Jazz Game

So my older sister offered us tickets to see the Jazz play the Mavericks. Apparently she got banned from attending after a fight with an older gentleman over a Sprite ball that was launched into the audience (or something like that). At any rate, we were happy for the tickets.

Our kids love to see any Jazz game, and we've actually never seen them lose, which is pretty amazing since they lost more than half their games this year.

We were a little disappointed because we were asked to do a shout out on the bigscreen, but it never aired. Still, we were all decked out in our Jazz attire, and we loved the game!

These boys love basketball.

Ok, I like it too!

Mark and Dax taught Seth how to cheer.

Dax really believed that he made a difference on free throws.

Our intense 2nd child!

Seth loves to make silly faces!

These are the headbands that the boys won for making their shots before the game. See video below.

Mark's face was a little creepy!

Dax has high hopes of making it up on the Big Screen in this video. You can also see the baskets that they shot to win their headbands that they seriously wear ALL the time!

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  1. OK. So not true! But you will have to go to my blog to see the real story. Carl got these 4 tickets from work but we had 2 baseball games so we couldn't go. Did you guys get free Bees tickets?


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