Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dax's 6th Birthday

Dax turned 6 last week (okay 2 weeks took me that long to finish the post). We are so grateful to have Dax as part of our family after 19 hours of labor and an emergency C-section. He has brought a lot of laughter and love into our family over the last 6 years. Dax is kind, smart, determined, loving, and helpful. He is also very artistic, creative, and athletic. Dax is a good example and he is very obedient...most of the time.

Dax had originally planned to have a sports birthday party with some friends, but then he only wanted to invite a few cousins and 2 of the 4 live out of state, so we came up with another plan. We went bowling (which Dax loves!), then out to eat at Brick Oven (his favorite restaurant), and then we came back and had cake. It was a great evening. We had a ton of fun celebrating Dax's birthday.

Do these look familiar? Yep, I made these same cupcakes for
Dax's preschool class last year, but he wanted them again!

Dax had preschool the day before his birthday so he was the Super Star Student.
He worked really hard on his poster.

Dax brought this fish home from preschool and although
everyone took home a fish, he thought it was a birthday present!

Dax had a free cookie at Barnes and Noble.

He wanted to play at the park, and hit some baseballs.

I'm pretty proud of this cake.

Dax was a very determined bowler.

Unfortunately for Dax, Seth beat us all pretty badly.

Waiting together at Brick Oven

Dax had the balloon maker make a sword for him.

Seth gave Dax a new book.

Mark gave Dax a new basketball.

Dax loves to kiss me in pictures and I love any kisses I can get from my boys!


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