Sunday, March 22, 2015

St. David's Day

March 1st is St. David's Day and last year my sister dreamed up the fun idea of getting together and celebrating our Welsh heritage since we have a good chunk of it in our family. Well, we decided it was so fun that we would do it again. We didn't change things up too much since last year was a blast! We ate lamb and Welsh cakes and trifle, but we also added some cheesy sauce that I forgot the name of. Even I liked it and I don't like cheese. So here are some pictures of our festivities.

Jason makes some yummy Welsh cakes. His mom joined us this year for St. David's Day!

Randy trying the cheese sauce.

Dax LOVES lamb. He seriously eats more than me.

These two got to share the little table.

I made this strawberry trifle.

The cousins in front of the Welsh flag!

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