Monday, March 23, 2015

Zoo Trip!

We had a Monday off in March...well the kids had a day off from school while dad still had teacher meetings. We went to the zoo with our cousins. It was the perfect day. Warm enough for us, and cool enough for the animals. We saw a lot of fun stuff and there was hardly anyone else there. We could go to the zoo every week and never be tired of it.

This baby orangutan is 4 months old and so adorable!

Two rhinos up and eating...rare sighting for us!

These kids wanted to take a picture with every animal.

I love Esther smiling over in her stroller.

Crazy bears!

Two Lynx! Awesome!

The leopard was pacing all over.

We laughed at this turtle. He tipped the bowl so he could eat. Ha ha!

Mom, watch out! The crocodiles will Eat you!

Seth really wanted to ride in the peacock.

Mark LOVES the mandril.

Dax loves the bald eagle. They both got to ride their favorites.

We love the zoo! Selfie on the carousel.

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