Monday, May 30, 2016

Last Day of School = Trip to Zoo

I feel like any time we have a day off from school, or if it's the first or last day of school, we end up going to the zoo. This year we really wanted to go up and see the lion cubs and check out the new playground. So with two good reasons to head to Hogle Zoo, we made the trek and had a wonderful time despite all the crowds. There were a bunch of people out of school, plus a ton of field trips. The boys didn't seem to mind, it was only mom getting grumpy because of the crowd.

We love Willow! She's already growing up.
The cubs were pretty lazy when we saw them but still adorable.

This picture is from the other side all zoomed in.

Mark was pretty proud of his climbing skills!

Seth loved this new playground. LOVED!
I love this picture that I caught of Dax. He looks so happy!

The orangutans were out and about. The baby is so cute!

And the boys were amazed at the flexibility of this orangutan.

The peacock came over to eat those carrots that someone dropped.
Seth was slightly terrified when he got stuck by the fence--don't worry, I rescued him after I took a picture! ;)

The boys loved the zoo. It's one of their favorite places to visit.

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