Sunday, May 29, 2016

Studio 5

Mom had a pretty sweet opportunity to go on TV to promote our Utah's Adventure Family website recently. She was on a morning program called Studio 5, and she sat down with the host to discuss waterfall hikes in Utah.
Mom taking a selfie in the elevator after her segment at Studio 5.
Mom did such a great job for her first time on TV. Everyone said that she is totally a natural, and she was invited back in June. We're probably going to make her go, too, because since the day she was on, our website traffic has certainly increased. We are riding a streak of 13 consecutive days with over 1000 page views! That's an increase of around 20%.

We're proud of Mom and all she does for us. And it was really fun to watch her famous video:

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  1. What?! You didn't tell me you were on TV!! Come on! You supported me when I had my chance! I would have done the same!! We don't have DVR any more so you'll have to tell me the date and time so I make sure to watch it next time! (Thanx for the link-- not nearly as cool as live TV but still fun! Awesome job! You look beautiful!)


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