Friday, May 20, 2016

Tulip Festival

We love the Tulip Festival!

This year Seth and I went to the tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point the morning that it started. We had a wonderful time exploring the gardens, feeding the fish, and spotting the owl. Seth was so excited to see all the different flowers and colors. We also spotted a goose hanging out by the stream, and one sitting up high like the owl. We went on a Friday so we were lucky enough to be there with the bounce houses and the food trucks. Since it was a little chilly, there weren't many people there and Seth had the bounce houses and slides all to himself. It was a very fun morning.

Seth wanted to take a picture by all the flowers.

Our selfie!

It was a beautiful day. This was my favorite picture of the day!

Seth loved all the flowers.

Seth could barely make it to the top of the slide by himself, but he loved sliding down.

About 100 pelicans flew overhead while we were there. This is one section.

Seth also had a blast bouncing all alone!

We thought this goose nesting at the top of the waterfall was pretty hilarious.

The Great Horned Owl is beautiful, even with her dinner in the background.

Well, everyone else was very sad that we had been to see the tulips and owl without them. So the next week, we headed to the Tulip Festival on Friday after school. It was a much warmer day, and we took some beautiful pictures. The best part of the evening came when we arrived at the owl's location. We noticed she had three little owlets there with her! We spent a long time looking at the little owl family.
Mark liked the striped tulips.

I'm so glad I get to spend forever with these boys!

Seth jumped into my arms right before Randy snapped this picture. I love it!

The flowers were beautiful lining all the pathways.

This huge patch of flowers is always a great spot for a photo.

Randy loves the grape hyacinths.

Dax was very excited about the BYU flowers!
The owlets are out. She was probably sitting on them in the picture above. They are so adorable!

We actually got to take a family picture on this adventure.

The next week, I mentioned that I wanted to check on those baby owls. So the boys were supportive and we hurried over one Saturday after working hard in the yard. As we were driving to Thanksgiving Point, the rain started to come down. So we hurried through the rain down to the bridge where the owl is nesting, and spent a few minutes getting soaked and looking at the adorable owlets. It was a great start to all of the Mother's Day festivities!

This little guy was hanging out by himself at first. Isn't he/she precious?

Then we watch him hop over by the rest of the family!

Can you see how wet we were? It was totally worth it.


  1. Love the pics! I've never been to the tulip festival. We might have to try it next year.


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