Saturday, April 30, 2016


Easter crept up on me this year. When it falls in March, I never get anything ready on time. So our Easter baskets may have been a little small this year, but we still had a fun Easter Weekend.

It began with a Friday night performance that we heard about at church. It was an Easter "musical" of sorts. There were songs sung by different people who knew Jesus Christ such as Mary, Judas, Peter, and Pilate. There were Bible videos playing at some parts and choir songs at other parts. It was okay. It tried a little too hard to be non denominational, and while our kids were very good, it was definitely hard for them to sit still. Dax even fell asleep (so did dad, I just didn't take a picture of him).
The movies were the best part!
Some of the characters did have good voices.
Too tired to make it through the show.
Then Saturday morning we went to an Easter Egg Hunt at the Alder's ward. They invited us to come to their ward breakfast and easter egg hunt. The breakfast was great, and we laughed at all the kids taking 5-6 pieces of bacon at a time! I think Randy wanted to do that, but he is a little bit more mature than the 6 year-olds.

After breakfast, the boys went on an Easter Egg hunt. They got lots of eggs and candy. Seth only picked up blue eggs, and Mark and Dax tried to find the best hidden eggs possible. It was a chilly morning, so mom's toes were almost frozen off by the time we headed back to our house.
Mark being silly while we wait for breakfast to be ready.
Ready to fill our baskets!
Seth and Laurie had fun together.
Dax found some eggs in the drinking fountain, but I think he missed the hidden pink egg underneath.
The Easter Egg Hunt gang 
It was Grandpa Daniels' birthday, so we had a special lunch for him with Grandma and the Webbs. We ate sandwiches and cinnamon rolls, and had a good afternoon before Grandma and Grandpa had to leave for their missionary work at the Conference Center.
Happy Birthday Grandpa Daniels!
Then we headed up to This is the Place Heritage Park for Baby Animal Days. This is one of our favorite state parks, so we were excited to have free tickets to the Baby Animal Days activities. There were adorable baby goats, chicks, bunnies, and ducks, but we had more fun exploring the grounds and interacting with the "pioneers." The boys got a shave, panned for gold and weighed it in the bank, became leather apprentices, rode the train, and lots more. There are lots of pictures on our other blog, but here are some favorites!
The boys loved holding the baby chicks!
Mark got in trouble at school, so he had to stand with his nose on the wall while holding books.
They have a new mini train to ride which was fun, especially since we saw geese nesting!
We also had some free doughnuts that were delicious!
Seth really liked beating the rugs. He has a good swing for it.
Just yesterday, Seth asked me when we were going to the place where we mowed the dirt.
As you can see, Mark and Dax are "mowing the dirt."
Finally, Easter day came, and we had a wonderful day at church, taking a nap, and then we visited the Alpine Easter Walk. This is a new adventure by the same people who do the Alpine Living Nativity. They had a few things to look at, and a short video to watch. It only took about 10-15 minutes, but the empty tomb was amazing. I felt like it really drove home the message that Jesus is resurrected--in a more visual way anyway.
Alpine Easter Walk

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