Friday, April 8, 2016

A Day off from School

We had a day off from school in March. So while Randy was sitting in meetings, I took the boys up to the Zoo. Shortly after arriving, my sister Melanie texted me that she had just parked next to me in the Zoo parking lot. So we teamed up with her and her kids, and spent the day enjoying the Hogle Zoo.

The animals were out and about like crazy, especially the big cats. The lions were roaring and the snow leopard was prowling all over his cage. We also saw the baby giraffe and an adorable baby monkey.
The lions were roaring at each other which was a ton of fun!
The snow leopard walked right up to the glass which we have never seen before.
The Lynx was licking the snow!
You can't tell in these pictures, but the baby is tiny. These monkeys are pretty small.
We love the baby giraffe, Willow!
After lunch at Wendy's, Melanie headed back home and we headed up to Temple Square. We walked through the Tabernacle and we also took a tour of the Relief Society Building. We have never been inside the Relief Society Building, so it was fun to see the inside. The best part was when we went into the room filled with books the list all of the Relief Society members who donated money between 1945-1947 to help build the building we were in. I was so proud of or boys for knowing so many of our family ancestors. We were able to find some fun people: Grandma Benson, my Grandma Maycock, my great-grandma Daniels, and Randy's grandma Ockey. The lady giving us a tour was impressed that Mark and Dax knew so many family names. I'm glad that Randy has spent time sharing family stories with our family.
Temple Square is beautiful no matter the season.
We had fun in the tabernacle!
It makes me happy when they act like they like each other.
Here they are searching for names. The tour guide was so impressed with the boys for knowing their family history!
Randy's grandma Isabel Ockey
Natalie's grandma Lavon Taysom Maycock
Natalie's great-great-grandma Catherine Daniels and her grandpa Dan's sister, Annie.
Randy's grandma Edna Benson....this is the one grandma that Dax and Mark actually knew and remember very well.
We had a wonderful time, and we look forward to our day off in March every year!

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