Thursday, March 24, 2016

Las Vegas

We went to visit my sister Tiffany in Las Vegas for her daughter's first birthday. I have been to every single 1st birthday party for my Daniels' side nieces and nephews and I'm sticking to that record! So we headed to some warmer weather the end of February. My mom was able to come with us, and it was nice to have an extra passenger to hand out snacks to hungry boys on the long ride. 

We were able to do some fun things while we visited in Las Vegas. First we went to this awesome park. It is built to look like a wild west town. There are also some huge rocks to climb on, and a sand pit. The boys loved playing here. We also walked the walking trail around the park and spotted bunnies, lizards, and a hummingbird. We love finding adventures everywhere we go!
This park was AWESOME!

Seth loved climbing on these rocks! He felt so big.

This hummingbird was singing, too! We had fun spying wildlife even in Las Vegas.

My boys were introduced to a lot more girl stuff. Tiffany has two girls so there is plenty of girl shows and toys in the house. They also have a boy who is Dax's age and loves Star Wars, so that keeps them plenty busy. I'm pretty sure he has 8,000 light sabers! Anyway, Mark was a real trooper. He played  Sophia the First with Audrey and Grandma. He also played a princess cupcake game with Audrey, and when she got bored, I had to fill in so Mark could finish the game. Later, he asked if Grandma could play with him and soon Dax and Josh were playing too. It was hilarious to see these 3 boys playing the princess cupcake game! 

Mark and Audrey had fun playing Princess Sophia.

It's a pretty fun game!

We had cupcakes for Hattie's birthday! And then headed back to Utah the next morning. It wasn't a very long trip, but we had a lot of fun visiting our cousins. 

Happy cousins!

Happy Birthday Hattie!

On the way home, we took Grandma to see the Taysom Cabin in Meadow. Her great great grandpa built this cabin!

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