Thursday, May 26, 2016

Research Recital

All the researchers earned a medal, and a donut!
Mark was talked into participating in the Research Recital at his elementary school this year. The were to choose a topic they were interested in and do research on the topic. After a few months, they presented their findings to some "reviewers" who wrote positive comments about what they did. Mom was asked to be one of these reviewers, and she had a lot of fun listening to all the research projects.

Mark chose the topics of birds since he loves them so much. I think he already knew everything about them, but he did some research on the birds that came to our bird feeder. He created a power point with pictures we had taken at the feeder of the different birds. I really liked his observations that he shared...they were fun!

He also did very well on his presentation. Mark was most excited to use Randy's clicker and change the slides while speaking. We love these opportunities to be in front of people. It's such a good learning experience for Mark.

These are the students who presented in the 1st hour! And the adults who "reviewed" their research!
Mr. Rencher, our principal, presenting Mark's medal.
Mark is in the middle with his awards.
Look at all those kids who did a research project for fun! 

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