Friday, May 27, 2016

Spring Sports

Spring sports always keep us busy, and we know that will just get worse as Seth begins to play. This year we had soccer and baseball for two boys, and quite a few conflicts on game times, which really split us up. Dad didn't do any coaching, though, except for filling in on Dax's soccer a few times.

We started with Mark's soccer, and he had a great season with Coach Clark. Mark is the leading scorer on his team (again) and plays forward. He had hat tricks several times, and his team ended up with only 1 loss and 1 tie. Mom and Dad most liked seeing Mark score with his patented chip shot or left foot. Mark had a great season, although every game seemed wet, cold, or wet and cold.
This is Mark's last game. It was pouring the entire time! 
Mark is always hustling on the field!
Well, most of the time! Ha ha...this is him waiting for the game to start!
Dax had a rougher year with soccer this year. His coach was consistently late to games and practices and didn't seem to do much to help Dax learn the game. Dax's team was always on the losing end of a something to nothing score. During the last game when Dad coached, Dax scored two goals in a close loss. Still, Dax loves soccer, particularly defense, and is looking forward to next season.
Dax LOVES to hang back and kick the ball as hard as possible. He will be a great defender!
Dax is always having fun on the field, which is what's really important! 
Mark's baseball was another big year. He and his friends Shad and Cael are still together on the Nationals, and they are the "Big 3." Mark has played infield-- mostly middle infield and has been a great fielder. He pitched for the first time this year. In his first game Mark pitched one inning and struck out 3 while walking one and allowing only 1 run. Only one kid hit a grounder to first, which ended up going for a "hit." In his other start, he was outstanding. He pitched 3 innings, struck out 8, walked one, and allowed no runs. It was a no-hitter! Mark has also been a great hitter sending two balls over the heads of the outfielders in his last game to collect 5 RBIs on two doubles.
We have been so proud of Mark and his pitching. 
One day there was a double rainbow over the baseball field!
That's Mark with the blue sleeves. I like to caption this picture, "God Smiles on Baseball."
Mark is very focused on the mound.
Mark loves his team and is always cheering for them!
Mark's Team!
My sister, Brittany, came to a baseball game. My boys had lots of fun!

Dax is the star of his coach pitch team. He is easily the best fielder and is usually assigned to first base or pitcher. He likes to bat last on his team so he can clear the bases. Last game he had two great hits that went for a double and a homerun! We feel really bad that Dax will only make about half of his games this year because of our crazy June full of vacations, but Dax is already looking forward to next year's season.
Dax likes playing 1st base.
He is so excited to be playing coach pitch this year.
Good swing, Dax!
Seth has been a great trooper to attend all these games. He is excited to start soccer in the fall and has been practicing a lot. In the meantime, he's enjoyed itty-bitty ball at the Legacy Center.

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