Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hawaii Day 3-- Whale Watching Dinner Cruise

Okay, I admit it. The whale-watching cruise was a real bust. As a rule I avoid cruises because I don't like to get drunk, seasick (actually I never get seasick), or look at a lot of water, but Natalie really wanted to see some whales.

Our vessel was a Catamaran called the Aliki kai, and we had "preferred" seating, which cost $10 and meant we could sit by the window and eat first. Also, we got 2 complimentary alcoholic beverages instead of 1. The best part of the cruise was that they take your picture as you get aboard. Then for $10 you can buy a key chain with your picture in it. We took a really cute picture, so Natalie bought it so we can always remember our 3 hour tour aboard the Aliki Kai. The problem was dinner was bad. The food was supposed to be "traditional Hawaiian" but could be better described as "classically disgusting." In addition, the waitress actually brought me an alcoholic beverage despite the fact that I was quite clear that I wanted my specialty drink without. You'd think she could have remembered after her snarky comment about "people who are no fun!" By the end of the meal, when I was ready to go up and look for whales, Natalie was in the bathroom for the fourth time. Apparently, sailing is not in her blood. Thus ends her dream of becoming a commandant on a naval vessel. Oh, and did I mention that we didn't see any whales? Apparently, whale season is pretty much over, and the boat had seen whales only once in the last couple of weeks. A lot of drunk people enjoyed the dancing on the ship, though. And we have a snazzy keychain that will always remind us of our time on the Aliki Kai.

Our boat

Natalie did enjoy the sunset because she hadn't gotten sick yet!

Randy enjoyed the boat ride despite sending most of it alone.

Natalie in one of her few moments of not feeling sick.

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