Thursday, December 29, 2011

Randy's Birthday

We are going to post out of order and share some pictures of Randy on his birthday before I write about Christmas. For those of you who don't know, Randy's birthday is the day after Christmas (Dec. 26), and there couldn't be a tougher day to have a birthday. Randy hates it, I have a hard time every year pulling things together, and the boys are in care less mode. So it is really hard. But, we work with it.

Randy wants the same thing for his birthday every year-- to take down Christmas. He wants the trees out of the house, the decorations put away, and the lights off the roof. Well this year it was a nice sunny day, so he was able to take the lights down and the decorations got put away for next year. While he was vacuuming up pine needles, I heard him cursing at the vacuum. Randy hates our vacuum. He cried when our last one died, and he has never found peace with the new one. Apparently it wasn't picking up pine needles like he wanted it to, so I gave him one of his birthday presents-- a shop vac. He was very excited and there were no more expletives flying around our house as he happily vacuumed the pine needles that had covered our floor.
One of our Christmas trees this year.

This year, Mark and Dax helped me design the cakes. Both he and Dax were upset that I was just baking a sheet cake. They thought dad should have fancy cakes like them. Dax said dad should have four basketball cakes (he had two basketball cakes on his 2nd birthday this year). Mark thought we should do an entire baseball field of the Boston Red Sox. So we compromised. I made round cakes like I did for Dax's birthday, but we turned one into a baseball and the other into a Red Sox cake. Check them out!

Dad likes to put on a good show for his kids!

I even invited Randy's sister and family over to have cake and play games. It turned out to be a very fun evening. I hope that Randy had a happy birthday. I won't tell you how old he is because that is another birthday present I'm giving him!
Love this guy!


  1. I'll tell you how old Randy is...hmmm...he was born in 1973. Can you do the math? Happy birthday baby brother! I hope you got my message since you never answer your phone!

  2. You're right! Changes made...

  3. Happy Birthday, Old Man! Love ya!

    (oh, yeah! those cakes are pretty awesome, too!)


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