Saturday, February 16, 2013

Big Idea Natalie

Randy has a new nickname for me: Big Idea Natalie. It is usually when I am spending a lot of time on something that he reminds me of my "big idea" problem. I'm just trying to do a good job. Here are a few of my latest big ideas.

Dax's preschool teacher asked me to make the Three Little Pigs houses for a family literacy night she hosted at the beginning of February. My big idea began when I thought it would be way cooler to use large boxes instead of just butcher paper on the wall. So I sent Randy to the furniture store to pick up some boxes they had put aside for me. That's when he knew we were starting a Big Idea. Here are the final products--I only have a few glue gun burns!

The straw house.
The boys never played with this one in our house. It was quite a mess!

The stick house.
I had to hop the fence into the cow field to find sticks.

The brick house.
Definitely the easiest since it is just paint.
 Well, the next big idea came shortly after I finished these houses. I am on the teacher appreciation committee at Mark's elementary school. One of the traditions at this school is to decorate all the doors with a thank you message the Friday before teacher appreciation week. Well, I volunteered to do two doors since no one else was signing up. My plan was to make the door decorations at home and then run to the school to hang them up. When I spent two hours on the first one, Randy started calling me Big Idea Natalie again. But they are done and hanging up. I always follow through on my big ideas. I wonder what's coming next!

For the art teacher--she teaches all grades.

For the custodians!


  1. Ok. I agree with Randy, but I remember those days and having big ideas myself.

  2. Those houses are awesome! You are definitely a super-over-achiever!

  3. I like this new nickname! Way to go, the house and door decorations look amazing.

  4. Nat, those houses are awesome and the door decorations. Slow down a little. Take a lesson from your mom.


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