Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Break!

Randy and I decided we needed to take a little trip for Spring Break this year. So we headed to Vernal. When we told people we were going to Vernal, everyone's response was, "why?" So I'm going to tell you why.
1. It's not very far away (only 3 hours), so our boys can handle the drive.
2. We figured we could go for pretty cheap (which we did).
3. There is a temple in Vernal to add to the boys' temple books.
4. It feels hotter in Vernal -- even though it isn't.
5. Dinosaurs! Mark and Dax love them, and they are very abundant in Vernal.

Anyway, we had an amazing time. The boys traveled well. Seth even slept in the hotel which I worried a lot about. We went on a few hikes, saw lots of dinosaur fossils, and had a lot of fun. Instead of boring you with all the details, I'm just going to include a few pictures that highlight our trip (okay, it ended up to be more than a few, but hey, we were in Vernal for 3 days). We are sad to say goodbye to Spring Break, but now we are really looking forward to summer!

The Quarry at Dinosaur National monument. There are a lot of dinosaur bones here.

You are allowed to touch some of the fossils. It was awesome.
Those bones have been there for over  149 million years.

Seth loved riding in the hiking backpack.

We went on a hike where you can spot fossils  on your own in the rocks. This is one bone we spotted.

Mark and Dax at the entrance to Dinosaur National Monument.

We went to Josie's cabin at Dinosaur National Monument.
She ran a homestead near two box canyons which we hiked to.

Hiking to the box canyons from Josie's cabin.
Swimming in the hotel.
The Vernal Temple steps

Dax seriously sleeps like this in the car quite often. It's hilarious!

Junior Scientists at the Utah Field House of Natural History.

There are dinosaur statues outside the Field House--the boys loved them!

An osprey! We birders love to see things like this.

Mark and Dax next to a dinosaur footprint. We hiked to a spot where there were a bunch of tracks in the rocks.

A porcupine in a tree--we saw a bunch of these on the Ouray National Wildlife Refuge. Amazing!

We saw a moose on the drive home outside of Heber.

I love these boys! This is where we saw the dino tracks.
It was a beautiful end to the hike.


  1. Sooo fun! And I love that Randy is loving the dinosaurs as much as the little boys.

    And that picture of Seth in the carrier? Precious.

    So happy it was a great trip!

  2. We went to Vernal for spring break last year. The kids loved it there! The new quarry museum is so awesome! Your trip looks almost like ours (except for the birds). So glad you had fun.

  3. Would you believe we've been there? Brian used to do taxes for on of the tribes that live out there.... and we would hang out at the dinosaur place. I thought it was pretty cool, for Vernal. :)

  4. I cannot believe Dax sleeps like that! You would think he'd wake up not being able to move his back. Hilarious. I am glad you had a good time.


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