Monday, June 22, 2015

Spring Sports

We have spent this Spring at the ballpark sometimes for baseball, sometimes for soccer. Mark played actual baseball this year which was very exciting. He loved it!!! I've never seen him so excited as when he was out playing baseball. He played in the infield, mostly 2nd or 1st, and he ended up being a pretty good hitter after mostly walking the first few games. Mark played with his two best friends on his team and I think that was the biggest reason he had so much fun! 

Dax played soccer with dad as coach again. He had a great little team and he is very speedy out on the soccer field. Dax loved having his dad coach his team. Mark and Dax had three games out of 8 that overlapped, so I missed some of Dax's game, but I didn't miss the rain. It rained for a lot of games this Spring!

Mark also played soccer. He played with his ninja turtle team for the 2nd year in a row. I love watching Mark being a leader out on the field. His teammates look to him for help and I hope that he will continue to grow into a leader as he gets older.

It seriously poured the entire game!

Grandpa Ockey is a great sport. He comes to all the games!!

Dax also played T ball this Spring. He wants to move on and play a more serious form of baseball, so luckily next year he can! He is a great little fielder and Dax swings hard every time because he thinks he is going to hit every ball off the tee out of the park! 

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